McKenzie's Honey

      Natural, green and non-polluted are what McKenzie's is known for. As the largest snow honey producer in Alberta, McKenzie's remains its way of productions since 1984. Sourced from carefully-selected wildflowers, this enables the highest quality of the products.

Clover Snow Honey


​​​Product Profile

Product Origin: Alberta, Canada Ingredients: Natural clover honey, no additives, no antibiotics Specifications: 375g, 500g, 1000g Shelf Life: 5 years 

Directions: Direct consumptions or with warm water 

Precautions: Do not feed honey to infants under 1

All About "The Gold Fairy Medicine"- Honey

With more than 150 years of beekeeping, Alberta is recognized as the “Best Base for Beekeeping" and “The Capital of Honey” internationally.

The hives of McKenzie are located on Sri Hills, the beekeeping center in Alberta. At 51 degrees north latitude , Sri Hills is close to the Rocky Mountains and less than 100 kilometers away from Banff National Park, which is a gifted geographical location.  As well, the natural clover honey is ensured to be collected from the best environment by the best bees.